Once the proposal is submitted and approved.

Once the proposal is submitted and approved.



An individual working with state government jobs could either improve their career, stuck upon where they are, or worse, declining. There are many factors that affect the working attitude of a state government employee. One that we will tackle is the accountability structure within the government functions. To understand further, let us first know that accountability here refers to responsibility or assignment of a certain function. Hence, state government jobs have its function descriptions as per department assignment. Let us take the job function of a DEO or the district education officer as an example. District Education Officer is the one who monitors the status of all legal, administrative and educational activities in the Education Department for the district level.

As an overseer, the DEO sees to it that the entire project under the Education Department of his district must be accomplished as per the proposal submitted.  the project then materializes. One of the common projects is school construction. Since the project has been approved, the construction then starts. Then as the project progresses, the contractor of the said project starts to bill the district. Here comes the accountability structure. DEO is assigned to oversee that the school construction is fully completed. However, the budget for payment is assigned to another department. If the said payment is not yet approved it could affect the progress of the construction as the contractor will then slows down the construction because of no payment. In which will result in the DEO to stop monitoring as the contractor will not take the DEO’s visit earnestly.


There is a chain of effect. No matter how the DEO works hard and visits to check the progress if no payment from the other department is paid the project will still be stalled.