Social media platforms are one of the innovations in advertising today.

Social media platforms are one of the innovations in advertising today.



Advertising from 20 years ago has a great difference from the advertising done today. Two decades ago, there are many types of advertising but the most effective before were print, radio, and TV. This kind of advertising needs a lot of processes and costly as well. Let us take print advertising, for example, print advertising before it is out into the market it underwent first to a lot of processes that is from lay-outing to editing to printing to circulation. Aside from that, the target reach is limited; it is enclosed to a certain area or territory. And more so, it was very costly to do the advertisement two decades ago.


Today, the trend of advertising is much modernized thus, very different from two decades ago. A lot of advertising strategies and platforms are coming up. Various ways to advertise are now available to all business owners. Due to many ways of advertising means nowadays, the cost to advertise is cheaper compared to twenty years ago.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where there are lots of users are most targeted by business owners for their advertising marketing strategy. The more followers a certain business have, the high chances of their brand or product be known to Instagram or Facebook community. Hence, this gives birth to the idea of facebook likes kaufen or Facebook follower kaufen or simply means to buy Instagram or Facebook followers. The more followers (likes, comments, and ratings) a business page has the wider the target reach is. The opportunity for the brand of a certain business will be known all around the world and accessible to all would-be customers any time of the day and any time of night. So this made these kinds of marketing strategy saleable to business owners.