The goal here is to have the highest points to become the champion of the game

The goal here is to have the highest points to become the champion of the game

Scrabble Tips Valuable for Winning


Are you tire of losing your scrabble games? Maybe what you need to do is to change your style of playing scrabble by incorporating the tips and techniques listed in this article. Playing this game is quite challenging to most people that don’t have exceptional knowledge of the English language. In order to win, the player must be able to generate words from seven tiles he or she has. Note that these letters are randomly picked. It may contain consonants and vowels and from this mixture, the player needs to come up with words to earn points and win.

Here are the 2 scrabble tips that are commonly used, as follows:

• Points versus Leave
• Parallels

Tips for the aspirers

Points versus leave is the kind of technique wherein you take in to consideration the tiles you leave behind your rack. It is much more important to play with words with the fewer number of letters, leaving behind tiles with high points so that in the latter part of the game you can play a longer word with the highest amount of points. Scoring high in this game will make you a winner and to do that, patience is really a virtue,scrabble gift ideas .

Parallels, on the other hand, is a good technique too. Sometimes, players can get a hint on words that are already put in the scrabble board. If you can make parallel words in your rack versus what’s on the board, then you get to earn points to increase your score in the game. Most of the times, there are a lot of opportunities to do this in any scrabble game so learning this awesome technique is a must have for all players of scrabble around the world.