The second is the frame type the cable puller winch is made of.

 The second is the frame type the cable puller winch is made of.


power puller have a variety of price ranges; it starts from the cheapest to the most expensive type. Although it is very tempting to buy or choose a cable puller winches that are cheap, however, the quality of the cable puller winch will be compromised. When it comes to tools or equipment an individual is always looking for the best quality especially if the said tools or types of equipment will be used for heavy and harsh tasks. This is best quality that gives you the value of your money. To be able to know if you get the value of your money, you need to know and learn certain features that a cable puller winches must possess.

The first thing that you should look into is the material used or the kind of metal that a certain cable puller winch is made of. Since most of the cable puller winch is for heavy lifting and pulling, choosing the maximum quality of the steel material is preferred or just the best thing to do. With good material, longevity is secured.

Single frame construction is sturdier as compared to the multiple types since multiple types need to be pieced together by bolt or weld which are more prone to failure. Also, with the frame, it is best to use bolts that do not easily fall off.

The third is the type, gear made of. If the metal material used for gear is sub-standard, it will easily be broken, thus, affects the life or quality of the cable puller winch. The totality of tool or equipment depends on the sub-part where it is made of. A single bolt broken can mean the total malfunction of the said tool or equipment