They also offer free shipping within Canada.

They also offer free shipping within Canada.



More than a million adults in Canada are suffering from stress and anxieties. Rather than having to take prescription drugs, an alternative remedy is available which the weighted blanket is. Using weighted blankets in sleeping strengthen the DTPS or Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. Which is why Weighted Blanket Canada has become a need for most? What is Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS)?  DTPS creates the impression of being cuddled and cherished. In which according to studies DTPS has a soothing effect for adults who are highly stressed and to children as well who are suffering from autism and ADHD.



In buying weighted blankets there are three (3) things to consider. These are weight distribution, weight materials used, and the comfort and ease it gives. The first is weight. It should have proper distribution. The weighted blanket must weigh 10% of your body weight. Second is weight materials used. The weighted blanket will stay near your skin for long hours so be sure that it’s not harmful to your skin, look for a BPA free plastic if it uses plastic poly pellets. Another material used is the glass beads which are non-toxic. Glass beads are safer to use, stays cooler even with long use as it absorbs less heat, and it’s not huge. The third is the comfort and ease it gives. Since you will be using it for regular personal use, it should be a must that it gives you comfort as well as not giving you difficulties in maintaining it like washing it should be effortless on your part.


One of the leaders in the weighted blanket modernization in Canada is Gravid. Gravid is on the higher rank since 2017 when it comes to weight materials used, weight distribution and ease and comfort.