You have choices from the very expensive gifts to the least expensive ones.

You have choices from the very expensive gifts to the least expensive ones.



Persona 5 has 21 characters you can associate with to form networks and to further your relationship with. There is a cast named Confidants, these are characters you are going to meet during your spare time. There are a lot of them but they will just have roles during the story or some temporary roles. They are just these characters that interact with the protagonist at a certain time. For a start, try to know as many confidants characters as you can. When you know them it will help you get an idea of what skills each of them has. It will also guide you to know which character you should get well associated with. With knowing all the confidants, you would get to know which character you should prioritize as the game near its end.

Increasing your network can take long especially if the character that you have interacted with is not happy with how your conversation is going. Luckily, Persona 5 confidant gifts can now bring your relationship quickly to a higher level. Various gifts can be purchased from the shops of Shibuya Underground Mall.  In giving gifts, monetary value is not the only consideration to take but also you have to know what kind of gift the character you chose likes to have. Though there is no penalty when you give the wrong gift but the opportunity to further your relationship with that certain character is lost. Not only will that, but the money you spend to buy a gift be wasted as it does not serve its purpose.


So, when giving present be mindful of what the character really likes to have because when you give the correct gift, it will surely increase your confidant rank.