You have to install the plugin and once installation is complete you can now start.

You have to install the plugin and once installation is complete you can now start.



You have Social Rabbit and now you ask how to make it work or rather, how you would start. Okay, first thing first, do the basic. That is by setting up the Social Rabbit Plugin before you start to make it work or start to let it do the work for you. To those who are not tech savvy, you need not worry, because definitely a manual will be included upon having it. Also, in the online world you can find a lot of tutorial about this as this is becoming a trend nowadays there are lots of people out there willing to share on how to make it work.



The first thing that you should do is to connect it to the social media platforms that you want to promote and introduce. To be able to connect to the social media platforms you have, the main setting is your best friend.  Once everything is set, you are now ready to rumble. Well, you can now start the activity of promoting and introducing your social media accounts.


Gather all the high-quality pictures you want to add to your social media accounts. You need high-quality and very good images to upload as all these pictures will be posted. After that, you have to go to posting settings to input the specific details for the actual postings of each social media account. Aside from the pictures, you also have to input the contents that you want. The content should be general so that it would fit to whatever picture the plugin will choose upon posting.  Everything is manageable through the settings. You just have to explore and watch the tutorial and manual to get to know all the settings in the plugin.